Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 Tonight I hosted 18 soccer boys in our little home for dinner.
I know...CRAZY!
They were actually well behaved.
Take a look at these pictures.
Do you see a common theme?
 They all have BLOND/WHITE hair.
Every year the Gilford Boys Varsity soccer team makes it into the tournament (they are undefeated right now) and every year they dye their hair blond/golden to represent their school mascot - the "Golden Eagles".  I personally think they look hideous, but it's a long time tradition.
My favorite quote of the day?
"It smells AMAZING in here!"
(and look...they all took their wet shoes off at the door)


Jo Jo said...

What was for dinner that smelled so amazing? I laughed out loud at that hair! Until you said it was dyed. I thought they must all be related!

Becky said...

Amy, I made pasta with a meat sauce and alfredo sauce, home made bread/garlic bread, grapes and chocolate chip cookies. I think it was the smell of fresh bread out of the oven and the sauce that had been cooking all day. :) It was yummy!

The Kings said...

you ARE crazy but awesome! :)

LL said...

Look at Stevie in the corner...just taking it all in. :-)
You're a GOOD woman...that's a lot of hungry teenage mouths to feed.

shirlgirl said...

I chuckled at all the blondes. Better blonde than orange, pink, red, or green. Girl next door has pinkish red hair. At this point, I don't even know what color her natural hair is. Glad they had such a fun time eating, and how nice to take off their shoes. Looks like the dog is enjoying their company as well.

April said...

Yum!!! Lucky boy!!

Jenny said...

Stevie makes me laugh. Who perches on top of the pellet stove while 18 varsity soccer players eat in your house? Stevie.

GD said...

Oh, Becky, this brings back so many memories of Garrett's three years of ARHS soccer! They did the bleached hair thing, too; we always had to do Garrett's hair twice in order to get it past the Gerber pureed squash color! And there's nothing quite so fragrant as athletes socks after being in wet shoes . . . the dog seems especially appreciative. . . Good Luck, Golden Eagles!!!