Monday, October 10, 2011


And all I wanted to do was go skiing one last time this year.  It was BEAUTIFUL today.  83 degrees and SUNNY at Lake Sunapee.  The water temperature has dropped into the low 60's so Kara let me borrow her wet suit from the early 1980's. :)  I rocked the neon colors...and if I'm not mistaken, they're back in style.

 My birthday is complete.
Happy (almost) 38 years to me!


Alicia said...

Happy 38th, it's a good week for a birthday and glad you got out on skis one more time. I am a little envious of the weather, gorgeous!! Love to you and your family.

The Kings said...

you are getting old woman! :) So glad you got to go out one last time. I'm a little embarrased to call you my friend with those 80s colours on though! ;)

Jenny said...

38 is GREAT!!!

Happy Birthday WEEK~


Nettie's Blog said...

Almost 38.....oh how i wish....can i remember that birthday???? almost!!!!!
Happy birthday almost wonderful to be surrounded with such wonderful presents like that little bundle in the car carry seat....hope that the day is extra special for you..XXXXXX

Jo Jo said...

Definitely happy birthday week to you! You're only 38? That boy has really cute chubby weeks. Kara, thank you very much!

LL said...

LOVE that last picture!!
You are one OLD rockin lady.

Christy said...

I admire how babies NEVER seem to slow you down!
Keep it up 38er

shirlgirl said...

Beautiful pictures and glad you had a nice birthday week.