Saturday, October 29, 2011


Kayla's team made it to the tournament for the first time in YEARS.  This team of all sophmores and some freshman gave all the more experienced teams a run for their money.  They lost in the first round 5-2 but were the only lower seed team to even score against a higher seed team and they played the best I've seen this year.  I expect they'll be the ones to beat in their last two years of high school.  Kayla is number 24...this picture below was of her and some teammates coming off the field after warming up.
 The night of their game was the FIRST night in a few weeks where it was actually pleasant.  The starting 11 were announced and ran to the middle of the field where they dropped their sticks in front of them.
I expected cold weather and dressed Brady extra warm.  He definitely was toasty
 The team in their huddle before taking the field.
 The girls in the goal as they prepare for a 'corner' the other team is taking.
 Kayla plays 'sweeper', it's the position right in front of the goal.  She's a force on the field and is a great leader.  The coach has dubbed her the 'quarterback' of the team.
 That's Kayla in the goal preventing the other team from scoring.
 I've been watching this sport for two years and I still have no clue about the rules, but I have really enjoyed watching it and can't wait for next year.
The girls ended their season at 6-8-2
(last year as freshman they were 2-12)
Well done Ladies!


Alana said...

I like how Kayla is the only one giving a thumbs up in the first picture. Its cute. Well done.

Country/City Boy said...

Good job Kayla!! Never seen hockey played in real life.

Jo Jo said...

Movin' on up! Great sport! Aren't they cold back in new england?

LL said...

Kayla rocks!!

April said...

Well done indeed!!