Monday, October 31, 2011


 I'll be gone for Kaleb's 'real' birthday on Thursday so we partied tonight!
 I made his favorite "Angel Food Cake" with strawberries and whipped cream.
 But before the strawberries and whipped cream comes the traditional "Hutchins' Bite".
 Kaleb takes it to a whole new level!  Do you think it deters his sister's from eating his cake?  Not so much.
Happy Birthday Bubby!!!


The Kings said...


Anonymous said...

I loooove angel food cake.
Did you make it from scratch? and if so, may I have the recipe.
Love Lorraine.

shirlgirl said...

At least it wasn't chocolate like Ben's was a few years ago and celebrated at the Temple home where Aaron pushed his face into the cake--Ben's face was a chocolate mess!! I think I would have cut my piece of cake first--it's supposed to be a bite, not a full face into the cake--but I'm not surprised. Your kiddos are always full of surprises and wonderment.

Jenny said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Bubby!!!


Jo Jo said...

Happy Happy birthday sweet boy! Porter wrote you a letter on Sunday so I'll get that in the mail.

LL said...


Junior said...

too funny, Happy Birthday

April said...

Happy birthday (wish I had a sister his age :)