Friday, May 14, 2010


I look at these pictures and want my youngest 'abled' child to stay just that.  YOUNG.  She's 11 now and is fast approaching the teenage years which fast become a blur.  I love that she still goes outside and sits in the mud to make mudpies.  I love that she laughs so hard with me she almost pees her pants.  I love that she still has so much energy that it's hard for her to sit at a basketball game because she'd rather be climbing.  I love that she smiles when she works or that she sees the beauty in her shadow.  I love that she still has that child in her and I hope that she always will.


April said...

What a sweet tribute to an extra special daughter.

Smilin' sunshine said...

That girl is a crack up! She is darn cute!

LL said...

She will grow up and be just as fun.
The only difference will be that she WILL pee her pants ;-)

Jenny said...

LL hit it right on the head.
I like making mudpies, too.

Jo Jo said...

I love Stevie too. She is all that and more.

stevie said...

mom... preciate it I certainly do ecspecaily love the one where i am about to PEE my pants!!