Friday, May 7, 2010


A few months ago I woke up feeling nauseous.  Not a good feeling.  The last two years around this time I was newly pregnant.  I figured maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me?  But then it continued...and my stomach was hurting.  Food didn't feel good.  My stomach always felt full and yucky.  There was pain in my upper right quadrant.  I started to suspect gall bladder.  But I didn't fit the mold.  I finally went to the doctor a couple weeks ago.  He agreed with me...he suspected a "sluggish gall bladder" too.  He sent me for an ultra sound.  I knew it wouldn't show anything because that picks up stones.  I don't have stones.  After that came back normal, he sent me for a HIDA scan.  Then I got to see the surgeon today.  We've become good friends.  "Have you  missed me?"  I asked him.  He put a chest tube in me early last year when I had a pneumothorax and also did my thyroid surgery.  He's a good man.  I appreciated that he listened to me as I told him that something is not right.  The HIDA scan came back normal so it just might not be my gall bladder.  But he says in the end it still could be.  He wants to do some more basic testing before jumping into surgery.  He knows that I've had a couple blood transfusions in the last two years.  Hepatitis is possible.  A simple blood test would rule it out.  Thankfully it came back normal.  I was slightly panicked when he said the word "Hepatitis".  I go in for a scope on the 20th to check for abnormalities, inflammation, etc.  After that comes a CAT scan with contrast dye.  He wants to leave that last because of my history of kidney failure.  The contrast dye can be rough on the kidneys.  After that it's back to the drawing board.  Until then...I live with this nausea.  I remember after going through my emergency hysterectomy feeling so devastated.  It was so painful to think that I would never be pregnant again.  BUT...there is always an upside, right?  The nausea.  I would never endure nausea ever again.  I surely wouldn't miss it.  I still don't.  Especially now that it's back.  And this time I don't have a cute bundle at the end of 9 months to look forward to.  Maybe the bundle in the end will be my gall bladder.  I'd be okay with that too.  I just want to feel good again.


April said...

Oh Becky- I'm just so sorry you don't feel good. Hoping you can get some answers speedy quick. Thinking of you!

Jenny said...

Feel better.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Becky I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well! It is so hard to be the Mom when you feel like crud. I hope they get to the bottom of this soon!

shirlgirl said...

Sorry you are feeling yukky. Could be your gall bladder--it runs in the family. Nana had it, Uncle D had it, and Kim just had hers out--full of stones and very large. Removed laparoscopically but still a 3" incision to remove it because it was so big. Hope you feel better. Sending you lots of love.

Alana said...

It never ends does it Beck? Hope it goes away or they figure it out quick. Sorry for the neasua.

Jo Jo said...

Weird! Only you can have these kinds of adventures! Summer's coming, and so am I ;-)

The VW's said...

Have they tested your liver?

I had this a few months ago. I totally felt like I did when I was pregnant (the nausea part anyway), I took a test and everything. The nausea lasted for almost a month and then suddenly went away. I never did go to the doctor, even though I probably should have.

Praying yours goes away just as suddenly! Feeling like that, and being a momma too, is not fun!

The reason I asked if they tested your liver, is because I had symptoms like this about 10 years ago and blood tests showed something going on with my liver. That sick feeling went away after awhile too. And liver tests came back normal, but obviously something was going on for a while.

Anyway, Feel better soon! HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Becky !!!!
i think you have enough to cope with - how do you do it all with such grace ?



LL said...

ummm. WHAT THE HECK. I thought I was up to date on your blog?!? Clearly i'm a slacker.
Your kids are doing hurdles on the track, you do hurdles daily with all the health issues and concerns.
You are in my prayers!!!
must. feel. better.