Saturday, May 22, 2010


Mom came up to help me on the day of my procedure and as a bonus she was able to see Kaleb's track meet, Kayla's choral concert AND Stevie's track meet.  Two days of FUN! :)  She stayed overnight on my couch and woke up looking like someone PUNCHED her in the LIP!  She says she got bit.  Either way she looked awfully cute with her fat lip.  Took almost half the day to shrink back to normal.
Stevie competed in FIVE events.  She's an animal.  She did the 100 m hurdles, 4x100 relay, high jump, long jump and threw the javelin.  She's never done any field events before.  (the fifth graders get to compete in two track meets during the season)  I think she did really well considering.
Getting ready to HIGH JUMP.
(probably my favorite event to watch her in)
She was the lead leg for the 4x100 relay.
Hanging with Mimi before it started.
Taking off in the LONG JUMP...
She jumped a whopping 9feet 6inches.
Thanks for coming Mimi!!!
Align Center
(some footage of some events.  I was sad I didn't zoom in closer on the hurdles.  She's the one closest to the left of the can't really see her until almost the end - sorry)


Alana said...

Looks like you have a family of runners- who knew. Good job stevie

LL said...

nothing like a visit from mom. Looks like she stayed busy with you guys.
GO STEVIE...jumping over 9 feet. Good heavens!

Jenny said...

FUN in NH!
Stevie's da bomb.

shirlgirl said...

I can relate to your Mom's fat lip from a bite. That happened to me once--took forever to disappear.
Great job, Stevie. You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Becky, you are not to be trusted!
You promised that it was not for publication??

I did have fun and enjoyed watching my grandchildren excel...

to all

Amy M. said...

Your mom looks great even with a fat lip. Glad she was able to be there for all the fun.

Jo Jo said...

Laughing at the lip! Black and white softens it all ;-) Fun to have a fan club. THe tracksters have one out in Ohio!