Saturday, April 3, 2010


There are some days when I think that I've taught my kids all they need to know to go out into the big, bad world.  And then there are days like today that I realize I still have LOTS of teaching to do.  Yesterday I had to take Ben to the ER.  His lung had issues.  It was a last minute, spontaneous kind of decision.  I put it off as long as I could.  Weeping and wailing proceeded forth out the mouths of my two oldest, they were NOT happy to see me leave.  I would have joined them in their wailing and gnashing of teeth but Ben needed me to be focused.  That left Stevie.  She was at basketball practice.  Because I wasn't able, I asked Mrs. N to drive her home.  She complied.  I packed Ben up and headed for the ER.  An hour later as I was laying in the hospital bed with Ben, I got a phone call from Mrs. N.  She wanted to know if it was okay if Stevie joined them for dinner out at a restaurant.  "Sure" I tell her, "that would be fine".  I hung up and didn't think another thing about it.  Fast forward to today.  I left Ben at Dartmouth to go pick Kayla and Stevie up so that they could spend the night with us in the PICU.  We had some major decorating to do for Ben's birthday tomorrow and I needed help.  On the drive up to Dartmouth we got talking about the past 24 hour happenings.  Dinner at the restaurant the night before was one of the topics. This was our conversation:
Me: "So where did you go to eat?"
Stevie: "T-bone's Steakhouse, it was REALLY good."
Me: "Wow, that was nice of them to take you to dinner, what did
you eat?"
Stevie: "Steak dinner with a baked potato and salad."
Me: (gulp) "STEVIE!  A STEAK?!?  You ordered the most EXPENSIVE item on the menu?"
Stevie: " was only $26.95."
I found out later that Mr. and Mrs. N had told Stevie that she could order whatever she felt like eating as long as she ATE it and THAT she did.  I'm not so sure they were expecting her to pick a STEAK!  SHEESH.  I'm embarrassed, no...mortified.  I guess I missed the whole "when someone takes you out to eat, you need to be polite, remember your manners and ORDER MODESTLY" conversation.  


ellen said...

Stevie won't be a cheap date. :)

LL said...

WHO KNEW? This would have been helpful info before my lunch date with Rachel.
I LOVE that she ordered steak, AND ATE IT. sounds yummy :)

Jo Jo said...

Funny! Good for her.

troutdalite said...

haha! It reminded me of Erik when he was young. 6ish? I talked with the mom (thankfully a good friend!) of his buddy after he slept over. She said he must have been hungry. When I asked Erik about it, he said he had a bowl of each kind of cereal they had...13! (poor boy was deprived from all the 'good' kinds, most likely!)

Happy Easter!!!

p.s. for Stevie...MMmmm steak!

Eva said...

There's a story in Nate's family of one of Nick's friends that was taken to breakfast by Mr. Challen at Burger King. He proceeded to order a large orange juice and then didn't drink it all. He left almost half. It has now been over a decade, and that story comes up EVERY summer when we pass that Burger King. I'm glad she ate the whole steak - sounds like my kind of girl!!

Jenny said...

Go BIG or go home.
You didn't forget THAT conversation, did you?

Mom said...

Stevies poem was lovely....Did you write Mrs N and thank her?
Still a mom to a mom