Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Before heading off to the airport, Kelley took me to the Botanical Gardens in Richmond.  BEAUTIFUL!  And it's only the beginning of spring.  I can only imagine what that place must look like in full bloom.  I couldn't help but think of my mom the whole time I was there.  I wished she could have been there with us to smell the aroma of those sweet flowers and to enjoy the beauty and creation of our loving Heavenly Father.  They also had a garden of Pin Wheels for the Prevention of Child Abuse.  It was humbling to see and read about.  Thanks so much Kelley!  Love you.


Smilin' sunshine said...

That place is beautiful!!

April said...

Oh what a magical place! YOU FOUND SPRING!!

nanci said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful spring pictures with us! And thanks to Kelley for treating you so well!

Jenny said...

I have seen pictures of different people in those same places!
(Where is it?)
Beautiful SPRING!!!
...can't wait.

Jo Jo said...

Pretty! Is that first group of flowers a postcard or did you find all those blooms?

Alana said...

Beautiful- did you put that colouge together? Its great. Wish we were there too. I love spring.

Kelley Schmidt said...

Hey Becky,

These pictures came out Beautiful. For those of you wondering where this place is - Richmond, VA!! We love this place and during the warm weather we go atleast 2 times per week. Its a wonderful place for playdates!

On another note: Mackenzie and I were just looking at Ben's blog and we are so sorry he is sick and back at the PICU. We will keep him in our prayers and hope that he will be able to be home for his 8th birthday to celebrate with friends and family.

We love you so much, HUGS!!!

Kelley & Mackenzie

shirlgirl said...

The collage of flowers is beautiful!! Just what we need to brighten up our days. Nice pictures.