Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Triple A Backyard Ball.
It was intense.
Hey batter, batter!
We want a pitcher...
not a belly itcher.
Kidding, she was a mean thrower.
Kayla...talking smack,
say WHAT?!?
Even Tiny was on the roster.
He played like a girl.
(I mean played FOR the girls)
Stevie looking alive in right field, not really.
Orton hitting with "Stumpy".
(the mini bat)
Kayla CONNECTS and the crowd goes WILD!
Boy's drool, Girl's RULE!
The End.


Smilin' sunshine said...

so laughing at "Tiny's" shirt!! fun game!

Jo Jo said...

It's all about the commentator!

LL said...

FUN stuff!
"tiny" hilarious.

April said...

LOVE IT!! Thanks for the smile today! Looks like you're having FUN!!!

Jenny said...

quit talking smack and finish roto-tilling that garden!
take ME out to the ball game!

Gilbert Family said...

LOVE me some backyard whiffle ball...seriously, one of my FAVORITE things to do! Looks like a ton of fun!