Friday, February 19, 2010


Today I took my boys up to Dartmouth for some appointments.  Kaleb had his audiology test which...get this...came back NORMAL!  WHAT?!?!  Could this be why Kaleb's been balking at wearing his hearing aid...telling me that "Mom, I can hear fine without it".  Who knew?  We saw his ENT doctor right after and he was just as confused as we were.  He's never had this kind of result from surgery before...where one month he has a normal hearing test, the next it's poor and then good again.  How do you explain that to the teachers at school?  How do you work around that kind of result where one day he may be hearing and another day he doesn't?  Because of the inconsistency, he'll be going back under for a second surgery.
Benny.  He's a rolling Darth Vador.  It makes me giggle.  Everywhere we roll, you can hear his mechanical breathing.  What I don't find funny is the valet parking at the hospital lately.  They've always been so accomodating for 'handicap and elderly parking'.  The last couple of times we've gone, there have been some new guys.  I pull up to the curb and start to unload my cute package - wrapped up in tubes, wires and machines.  When the long process is complete, I stand front of my car and look at the valet guy who just stares back.  I have to go up to him and practically beg for him to park my car.  He says to me..."uh, this is for disabled people only".  Wow.  I was totally speechless as I stood there with my completely disabled child.  Really?  So then I name drop and ask where 'Art' is...he's the one that has always cheerfully parked my car for me.  "Oh, he doesn't work here anymore...but he parked for you?"  YES I tell him.  I hand him my keys, tell him how much I appreciate him doing that for us and walk away feeling like I've just totally inconvienced a paid hospital employee.  (sigh)
Ben was there for a kidney ultrasound, repeat urine culture and a last minute pulomonology appointment with an added x-ray.  Made for a long day.  In the middle of it all I had to call respiratory to come help me with a vent problem.  While he was working with Ben, he stopped breathing and desaturated.  I was laughing at my son.  He likes to show off that way.  The therapist ran to get him some oxygen and by the time he got back he pretty much resolved on his own.  
Good times with Ben.


shirlgirl said...

They really have some smart people working there, don't they. I wonder if he ever graduated from high school. What the heck did he think you were taking out of your handicap van? Duh!! I think I would have reported him.

LL said...

BEN! :)
the things that boy does for attention...stops breathing! and then shows off with his overloaded pants. The boy is full of pranks, AND I LIKE IT!

April said...

Oh I'm so sorry about the Valet thing... arg. Way to hold your ground! Hope you get some answers.... never a dull moment!! :)

Trina and Jophie said...

OMGoooooosh....Some people in this world never cease to amaze me. Jophie has the same masks. They actually are the best ones as far as protection that I've been able to find. Those flimsy hospital ones are pathetic. Might as well be wearing nothing. Praying all the tests come back normal..

Trina and Jophie

Junior said...

Wow you had a busy day. Ben likes to see how fast he can make you move, I think he and Junior must be getting together and chatting about that.
Big hugs

Jo Jo said...

You laughing about him not breathing? And the valet? Give him the discussion. ALL.OF.IT.

Wiggles said...

What kind of hearing test are they doing with Kaleb? Does he have to listen and respond? It could be attention. That parking guy needs an attitude adjustment I think.

Jenny said...

I would have wheeled Mr. Ben under the parking valet's nose and said "just HOW disabled do you have to be to get valet parking, exactly? My handicapped van is not handicap-accessible enough for you?"
oh brother.
And speaking of brothers, when is Kaleb's surgery? Boys. Yours are NOT low mainentance...!
(feeling better yet?)

Zion And Missy said...

Holy cow you have alot going on. You are an awesome mother and doing a GREAT job taking care of your wonderful family. Keep it up, and as always, let us know if we can do anything (as zion is your home teacher...hahha). :) Love you guys!!

Amy M. said...

What an amazing sense of humor you have. Laughing at you son not breathing. I almost have a heart attack when my kids fever gets over 103.
Thank you for your strong example of love and humor.

And that valet guy should review the job description again. Sounds like he missed a few key points.