Wednesday, February 24, 2010


...doesn't fall far from THIS tree.
This is me post surgery with a sticker lead that I peeled off after only 3 hours.  A week later I STILL had welts.
Saturday Stevie had a basketball tournament.
The team wore 'warrior paint' under their eyes.
Sunday I noticed the red marks under her eyes.
Monday they started to look like welts.
Today they were even puffier.
I bought her some hydro-cortisone cream
and tonight they looked MUCH better.
The good news?
I exagerrated the truth by telling her...
"It's really a bummer, 
because it looks like you're ALLERGIC to make-up."


TMI Tara said...

Oh no! Stevie's poor eyes!

I have to say, though, there are far too many wounds shown on this blog. Maybe you all should just stay indoors. In a padded, round room, for example? At least for awhile.

Just a thought.


April said...

GOODNESS!! You Ortons..... :) Hope her eye gets feeling better!!

Cindi said...

She is lucky, then cause she is one of those girls who will never NEED makeup so beautiful!!! (like her mama!)

Jo Jo said...

Darn! Smashed with a ball would be a better basketball story!

Jenny said...

warrior paint, make-up... pretty much the same thing, isn't it?

Amy M. said...

Sounds like you need to talk to a dermatologist or an aesthetician. My sister Trisha is an aesthetician. She would have answers on this topic.

LL said...

the girl has your BEAUTY genes, she won't need makeup.

Christy said...

That should scare her from make-up for at least a year! Good thinking! Hope the tournament went well!