Tuesday, December 1, 2009


(Y Mountain)
Today we hiked Y mountain in Provo, Utah. What a BLAST! This was the first time I have ever done it, always wanted to, but never had. I'm so glad I did. My calf is still quite sore, but not bad enough that I couldn't do it. Check out some of the beautiful views that we had. Breathtaking!
My nephew Roger and I had such a great time quoting funny lines from different movies and tv shows. It was a good distraction from my
(it's the altitude, right?)
Roger making the "Human Y".
Oh, by the way...did I mention how I convinced Roger to SKIP school today and play with me instead? I'm such a great influence, me and my rebellious self.
(and it was SO worth it, right Rog?)
THIS lady is my hero. She carried an extra 40lbs all the way UP the mountain in the form of her CUTE daughter, Haley. I could barely carry myself up, let alone an extra 40lbs.
Roger sportin' the "Hill Billy" look. That piece of grass was as tall as me!
Ben, Joy, Ethan and Haley. 6 year old Ethan led the pack the whole way up the mountain. Totally impressed!
This is Roger on the actual Y. You can't really tell, but it's quite steep and watching him on the white rock made me a little nervous. Quick fact: the Y is as long as a football field - WOW!
Here I am...on the Y. Don't laugh. I'm afraid of heights and the Y scares me. Kind of like my boots in the previous post. Don't worry. I left those behind. I crawled on long enough for Joy to take my picture as actual proof that I accomplished the hike. Yay me. :)


The Mormon Monk said...

Wait a minute, Becky, I'm confused; if you hike "they," can you also hike "us" or "we"?


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

GREAT JOB BECKY! That is something I would like to do, as well. I love that you climbed out there even if it was scary. Love the boots too and think you should were them every week. :D

Becky said...

Dear English Professor...PLEASE do not confuse me with such pronouns, it makes my brain hurt.

April said...

What an awesome day! I'm so glad you had a great adventure with such great people!!!

Jenny said...

From the Queen of skipping classes, I give you my most hearty stamp of approval!
(Thanks for filling up his family void)

Jo Jo said...

I would skip classes to be with you. Still laughing over that piece of grass! It grows tall out there. I no longer can hike with 40 pounds - good for Joy.

shirlgirl said...

Sounds like you had great fun, and what fun Rog will have writing in his journal the fact that his aunt made him skip school!! Glad he could join you and have some fun, too.

Amy M. said...

LOL your funny Becky. I'm glad that you accomplished such a great feat. I have yet to climb the "Y" too. By the way- I love the boots.

LL said...

great pictures, looks like you were in good company~