Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Tonight I went out with the girls.
LOVE these ladies.
They almost make me want to move out here.
(shhh...just don't tell Steve)
So do eateries like THIS...
It was the FUNNEST place...EVER!
Friendly and super nice.
We tried as many samples as we wanted.
They had everything from frozen yogurt to custard to icecream. The whole wall was a plethora of choices. We had our fill just in samples. BUT...because it was SO good, we decided to have even more...
in a giant cup!
Key lime was a top favorite of mine, yum!

April getting serious about her yogurt.
It was TOUGH deciding what flavors...

Emily sampling a few...
Joy ready to indulge!
And let me tell you...indulge we did!!!
Here is a partial shot of the TOPPING bar!
Seriously, it went on and on and on...
You'd be totally excited too...
if you were holding that cup!
(but you're not, SORRY!)
This was my choice...what can I say?
I'm a LOVER of the fruits.
Are you jealous?
How 'bout now???
April and Emily
Joy and I
Thanks for a SUPER GREAT time!
(I'm learning the Utar lingo)


Smilin' sunshine said...

Don't let a little thing like food sway you to move to Utah........you can only go out so much!

LL said...

I'm dying. You better come home, you really are starting to talk Utahnese. SAVE YOURSELF! :)

Jenny said...

(i'm jealous)
but Utar's got nothin' on NH.
People from NH are special.

April said...

SO YUMMY!! And the company was delicious too! ;) (move here, move here, move here....)
subtle enough?

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

I am sooo in to the fruit myself. :) Yumminess! BTW my comments are working again.

Jo Jo said...

You are so me! I'd pick just that. Does it email?

shirlgirl said...

Oh, yummy!! I would have had a very difficult time making choices. What you had in the cup looked awesome and delicious, especially the toppings.