Monday, May 28, 2012


Every Memorial Weekend our family heads up to Vermont to camp at Camp Joseph.  It's been our tradition  for 12 years now and we LOVE it.
 We camp with lots of friends which makes it that much funner. :)
 It's a beautiful place with lots to do.  This pond is stocked with fish and Kaleb caught, gutted and ate his own trout.  I no longer will have to worry about him ever going hungry with his new found skills.
 One of our favorite places to visit while there is the Joseph Smith Memorial.

 I was worried about taking a baby camping but he was a PEACH!  And I had so many willing hands to hold and play with Brady while I cooked.
 There is no longer just "white" marshmellows available...they come in ALL kinds of flavors, including this pink peppermint mess left behind in the ashes.
 Stevie recently inherited my old camera and so I need to give credit to her for these photos.  I'm grateful that I can now delegate simple tasks.  She did a great job capturing our weekend.
 I slept in a cabin for the first time this year...figured it would be easier with a baby.  The girls and some girlfriends slept in the tent.
 Stevie and Brooke
 Stevie and Liz
 The Joseph Smith Monument.
 When you're camping, apparently there is no privacy. :)
This picture shall be titled..."HAPPY CAMPER".
 Bubby eating his trout for dinner, he did the whole process all by himself.
 And of course...what's camping without a round of "chubby bunny"?  Kaleb walked away winner with 14 marshmellows.
It was a tender weekend for me as Ben was on my mind lots.  I'm grateful we have this tradition because it's a good distraction otherwise.  Steve wasn't able to go with us this year, but we still had lots and lots of fun.  See you again next year Camp Joseph!


Jo Jo said...

Your little boy is growing so much! His little teeth are so cute! Love your way!

April said...

Oh I'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend! What happy campers!

Country/City Boy said...

Love the photos!! Looks like a great spot to camp. Glad you had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun.
What a great place to go camping with friends.
It is a great tradition to keep.
Love Lorraine.

LL said...

Camp Joseph is my favorite!
Looks like Brady feels the same :-)