Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's been kind of dismal around here the last few weeks and so when the sun shines...SO DO WE!
 Brady is at the age where he loves exploring everything around him.
 And by explore, I mean everything goes in his mouth.
 And by everything...I mean EVERYTHING.
 He cracks me up...look at this CHEEKY GRIN!
 It is quite warm out so off went his shirt...and into his mouth it went.  (shocker)
 I usually get him to smile at the camera more, but there is just way too much to eat to be bothered by me.
 But that doesn't stop me from pointing and shooting...
Because let's face it...he's pretty darn CUTE!


The Mormon Monk said...

Actually laughing out loud--love the one where he's eating dirt, not just LOL.

LL said...

send him to the Farm!

Simone Triffitt said...

More than darn cute, I say!!! xx

Alana said...

I love that you got down on the ground to take these. Not enough people get eye level with these wonderful little people.

shirlgirl said...

Yes he is pretty darn cute!

April said...

Oh he sure is a CUTIE!!!