Saturday, May 19, 2012


Remember that vacation we were supposed to take over April Vacation?  The one that we gave as a "Christmas Gift" on Christmas morning?  Well...there were a few reasons that the trip fell through, but we still had the money we were going to use towards that trip, money that was gifted to the children from their Utah Grandparents and Aunt Suzanne.  The kids really were in need of some summer clothing and so I decided to take them shopping.  We NEVER go shopping...we live on hand-me-downs.  So it was a treat for the kids to hit the mall today.  We started out at "Five Guys and Fries" where Kayla treated us to lunch from her gift card she got at Christmas time.  (thanks Kara!)
 It was YUM!
 I'm glad they don't have a "Five Guys" closer to where we live...I would have a hard time staying away.  Their burgers and fries are my favorite!
After our bellies were full, we hit the mall.  Brady was SO good the entire day.  It's hard work being royalty.  Everywhere we went people would stop and say how CUTE he was.  
(like I don't already KNOW that)
The kids tried on shoes...
 and perused the hair/nail accessory place...
 and bought some cute summer outfits.  They shopped until they dropped.
 Then it was MY turn!  Trader Joe's was right around the corner so I couldn't resist a stop to pick up some of my favorite things.
 And then we headed was a long drive.  (up here in NH we have to drive far to get to a major shopping area)  We decided ice cream for dinner would be the perfect ending to a FUN day!
 Brady tasted all of the flavors, but he kept coming back to mine.  I think he likes me best. :)
 This boy deserved an A+ for his patience today.  It's not easy going shopping for a WHOLE day.  He moved from car seat to stroller to car seat to stroller many times and hardly complained.  I'm so grateful for such an amazing little boy.
Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Orton and Aunt Suzanne for Christmas in May!  It was lots of fun! 


The Kings said...

Fun! Brady is a champion!

shirlgirl said...

What a fun day for everyone. I like those catchalls on the cones--had never seen them--great idea. Glad everyone had fun.

LL said...

Christmas in May is a great idea--looks so fun!

Jenny said...

Hooray for a happy May shopping day! I have those mangoes in my freezer too. :)

April said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day together!