Sunday, January 1, 2012


We had a quiet but fun NY's Eve with some cute friends of Kayla. Lots of games were played including Quelf.  That game is QU-AZY! :)

 At a few minutes before midnight, we all lined up at the door with our items to run around the house (barefoot) with.  There was no snow on the ground this year so it wasn't as hard as previous years.  

 Morning breakfast included cinnamon rolls...
 And the party continued that night with MORE games.  This time we moved the buns to the FRONT of the head.  
We meant serious business. :)
And then the company left us and we lived happily ever after.


LL said...

I thought you went to Jennys?
I love the bun up front look...and the barefoot run. It's always a party in New Hampshire.

shirlgirl said...

In that last picture, you look exhausted! Glad everyone had a fun time--looks like a great time was had by all.

Jenny said...

Happy NEW year!!