Thursday, January 19, 2012


So last night was a bear.  I had a later than usual night because I forgot I had a "Shutterfly" coupon that expired at midnight that I wanted to use.  So I stayed up finishing a project and ordering it til midnight.  I walked up stairs, climbed into bed and 30 minutes later Brady wakes.  I just barely had fallen asleep.  It was a painful awakening.  I feed him and 15 minutes later I fall back under my covers.  1:30am I awake to bright lights and a looming child over my head.  "My stomach hurts".  Great.  "Turn the lights out Kaleb and go lay back down" I tell him.  He tells me he can' instead of quietly enduring his pain, he needs to let the whole house know how miserable he is.  (we're working on this)  Brady wakes from the noise and so I feed him and get him back to sleep and leave my warm covers to go help Kaleb.  I didn't do much except stand in the bathroom doorway and talk to him while he paced and moaned.  Finally around 2:30am he throws up.   I'm grateful.  This means I can tuck him back into bed (after I clean up) and climb back in myself.  Brady wakes at 4am and then Kaleb at 5am to throw up again.  Steve's up by 5:15am and then it's my turn at 6am.  It was a short night.  Thankfully I had nothing on my calendar so I stayed put for most of the day.  Because of the lack of sleep my heart started acting up around 4am and then every time I tried to rest during the day.  It was a yucky feeling.  I spent the afternoon with Brady at both girls games.  Stevie's team won by a lot...and Kayla's team by 4 thanks to a little help by Brady.  What?!?  There was 6 seconds left, Gilford was up by 2 with a Gilford player on the line for a 'one and one'.  The first shot goes in...Gilford is up by 3.  She lines up to take her second shot and out of nowhere I hear this weird 'plunking' noise.  I'm across the gym keeping score in the score book and trying to figure out WHO is being rude during the foul shot.  (usually the gym is silent during free throws)  The Gilford player misses her shot and it was at this point that I realized that "rude" person is my son.  His bottle cap popped off his bottle and 'plunked' onto the gym floor.  The ref orders the Gilford girl to re-shoot her foul shot.  This time it goes in.  Gilford wins by 4.  Brady is the youngest player in history to make an assist.  It was quite humorous.  (glad we didn't win by 1...there might have been a brawl)  As we were driving home I tell the girls my stomach isn't feeling so well.  I'm wondering if I have picked up Kaleb's bug.  Next thing I know...THIS is what I'm viewing in the rear view mirror.
I ask Stevie why she's wearing a mask?!?  "I'm afraid", she replies.  And I laugh.  (I laugh because WHO just whips out a mask from nowhere?)  
Nobody likes the stomach flu...especially her.
(too bad she shared a mango smoothie with me that afternoon, 
I'm pretty sure the mask won't help THAT fact.)
Praying the bug vacates soon.


Papa Don said...

Presby's are getting sick too, as is my niece's family in MN. Guess it's all over the place. Get wells soon, Kaleb, and may no one else at the Orton's get sick!

LL said...

so, we're supposed to be silent during the free throws? Oh dear.
Hope the flu passes quickly...and doesn't hit everyone.

Jenny said...

bug be GONE!

shirlgirl said...

Stevie is funny!