Friday, January 20, 2012


Oh this child...he's a funny one when it comes to food.  My other kids took to it right away.  Brady?  Not so much.  He shivers, he spits, he gags and even vomits.  Today I tried a little baby cereal with some winter squash that I baked.  Nope, wasn't having it.  So far the only thing I can really get him to swallow is a mango smoothie.  I'm hoping this isn't a sign of things to come.  Even as a bottle baby, he's sometimes difficult.  I have noticed a 'balding spot' in the center of his tongue that seems to have grown big...anyone else out there ever notice something like that on their baby's tongue?  I'm wondering if that has anything to do with his aversion.  He won't suck on a pacifier but he's got this infatuation of trying to suck on blankets when he is falling asleep.  

The good news?  He's still smiling.  Well...mostly. :)


Elizabeth Moser said...

The bald spot is most likely geographic tongue and it is usually nothing to worry about. May make him more sensitive to spicy or acidic stuff but probably not to first foods.

LL said...

he probably doesn't like to eat because it gets in the way of his SMILING! :-)

shirlgirl said...

Maybe it's the texture of the food that he doesn't like. What about the jarred fruit? Does he like that? Have you pureed carrots that he might be interested in? What does the pediatrician think. I wonder, as Elizabeth said, if that spot in his tongue might have something to do with the texture of food and his aversion to it--probably very sensitive. He looks healthy enough and he is always smiling. He's a cutie. I don't think I'd like squash and cereal together either!! Good luck--hope you find something he likes.