Friday, December 23, 2011


I was JUST sitting and thinking about how I'd love a yummy treat when out of no where a KNOCK on my door.  I opened to find THIS large box sitting on my door step.
 There was no name so I have NO idea who sent this, but it was a really cute 3 tiered snowman full of GOODIES!
 I'm all set for more wishing for treats. :)
 I'm a BIG fan of Mrs. Fields, I even have her cookie cookbook.
 A BIG thank you for being so thoughtful and generous during this Christmas Season.
You've put a SMILE on my face and have made my tummy very HAPPY!  Thank you for thinking of my family.  We are grateful!


shirlgirl said...

What a lovely gift--and it keeps on giving. Looks like Brady was going to enjoy it as well. I received a nice one from Harry & David the other day with pears, summer sausage, cheese, moose munch, mixed nuts. No name but called H&D and found out it was from my former tenants parents in San Diego. They were so sweet to send these to me. So we both received some fun packages to fill our tummies!

LL said...

You are LOVED by many!

The Kings said...

yummo!!! Lucky ducks. You deserve them. xxx

April said...

YUM!!! You are definately loved!!

Alana said...

Super cute, especially with the baby in it. That would be a fun door surprise.

Jo Jo said...

Yum! I'd love a sweet surprise like that! Decorative to boot