Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today was the annual Make-A-Wish Christmas party.  
 There was LOTS of cheer...especially upon seeing my FAVORITE wish granters.  This is Maureen.  She's fantastic!
 Amongst the many activities offered...THIS was my kid's favorite.
FREE massages.  
(I did not partake)

 Brady was the celebrity
 AND he's been a really good boy. :)
 This is the first year Steve has missed the party - he's been in Utah visiting family.  So, we brought Kara along instead.  
She's always a good time!
Every year they give away fun gifts to all of the kids.  This year they had a 'roulette' wheel to spin.
The Grinch decided what gift to give out...
My kids ended up with some awesome ski gloves, bags and t-shirts.
This is Kim Brady, our other most awesome wish granter.  She's who we named Brady after.
My favorite activity of the night was the photo booth...Brady was totally into it too.
He's such a HAM! :)
Brady was definitely the photo booth favorite!

We are grateful to be involved with such a wonderful and amazing organization that continues to celebrate our children.  Thanks again Make-A-Wish!!!


ellen said...

The photo booth photos are really cute!

Papa Don said...

I follow several cancer kids on CaringBridge and other sites, and their make-a-wish wishes have been awesome! What a great thing to do.

LL said...


Jo Jo said...

Fun! That picture of Brady's namesake was sweet.

shirlgirl said...

The pictures are great. Glad you all had such a nice time--Brady is just so cute!

April said...

What a special night- I love the photo booth pictures. I'm sure it was tender to be at that party without your you! xo!!