Saturday, December 3, 2011


I brought along my side kick for entertainment.
 Here are the two lovely ladies looking for dresses, they have a semi-formal dance to attend next Saturday.
 THIS lovely lady does not!
(but she wanted to come and be obnoxious anyway)
 My opinion is that 99.9% of the dresses out there were hideous, too short, skin tight and strapless/sleeveless.

 Stevie got bored just sitting with me and so she joined in on the fun.

 THIS was creepy.  It was a trailer sitting on a lawn across from the mall.  Would YOU enter?
 After about 4 hours of dress shopping we walked away with NO dress and a full bank account. :)
Better luck next time ladies!


Alana said...

My vote would have been for either the last black and gray number or the red twin dresses. Too bad you didn't find something she liked. You going to start sewing now Beck?

The Kings said...

no dress!? I thought the ones she had on in the pics were super cute. I like the grey and black one too.

LL said...

LOVED the black and grey one...
the red one was pretty too.
Good luck, dress shopping is PAINFUL!

Jo Jo said...

I liked the silver/black dress not the one with a hanky hem. Loved Stevie's fur hat! Four hours...i would have baked out at 1.

shirlgirl said...

I liked the silver/black one as well. Sorry you didn't find what you wanted, even after four hours. I HATE to shop for clothes. Something has to hit me immediately or I just can't be bothered looking. Guess it's time to sew. Glad you all had so much fun, and I really enjoyed the fashion show. Thanks for sharing your fun day.

the woodwards said...

I have just hang of those red bows on my door.... Does this mean I am creepy as well ????

April said...

Full bank accounts are a good thing :) Good luck with the hunt!

Jenny said...

silver and black!
(must go back)