Monday, July 11, 2011


Of surgery, beaches and basketball.
Kayla was up at the crack of dawn with her dad to have surgery on her right eye.  She has a drifting eye so they tightened the muscle to help her control it better.  This is the second time in 8 years.
 This is a few hours after surgery.  I suspect it'll be worse tomorrow...
While Kayla was recovering on the couch, the rest of us headed to Lake Waukewan for a swim and some kayaking.  
 WAIT!  Did I mention Amy and her family are in town?  Tanner and I wanted to make it to the other side of the BIG lake, but we ran out of time and had to head back.
 I could have stayed out there ALL was so peaceful and quiet.
We left Waukewan and headed to Winnipesaukee for some more fun.  This time meeting up with a couple other families for some dinner.  
(it's a hard life...I know)
 Kayla was feeling well enough to sit on the swimming for 10 days.
 She was happy to hang with the princess.
 I love having my older twin around.  Sadly, her stay is much shorter this year.
From the beach we headed to Stevie's basketball game.  Her cousins had the pleasure of seeing her tear it up on the court.
 With 33.1 seconds left in the game she hit a 3 to lift her team up by two.  With 6.5 seconds left she was fouled and hit both free throws to lift her team to a four point win.  She dropped in 15 for the game.
The only other thing that would have made this day perfect was some ice cream...but hey, you can't have it all.


Sim-Dim said...

It sounds pretty perfect to me. :) I hope Kayla's eye heals quick so she can get back in that very inviting lake. :)

The Kings said...

WOW Go Stevie!!! how awesome is she!! :) I'm loving the lake pictures - reminds me of last summers blog posts just after I 'found' you. It looks so beautiful there. I hope Kayla's eye heals fast.

LL said...

Perfect summer day--other than the surgery. :(
Feel better Kayla and way to go Stevie! WOW!

The Mormon Monk said...

(15 of 32!)

April said...

perfect day indeed! I love your lake, and I love your swimsuit!! Give those awesome girls of yours a hug for me!

shirlgirl said...

A fun day all around except for Kayla's eye surgery. Glad it is over and just has to heal and glad she got to hang out with the Princess--their outfits matched--nice bright pink!

Nettie's Blog said...

speedy recovery Tayla... oh i am pinning for the sunny summer days and especially the beach...i am envious!!!!
cutest baby relaxing there with a recovering great baby sitter

Alana said...

"Hey mom, my eye really hurts. Why don't you take a really close picture of it." Just kidding, Way to go Stevie. Looks like a fun day on the lake.

Emily B. said...

Way to go Stevie! Feel better Kayla. Love the Orton fam!