Saturday, July 16, 2011


 We spent some time with Zach and his family tonight...they're always a good time.
 Good times made even better with ice cream.
 We found this hole in the wall place called "The Chilly Cow".  They serve up some pretty great ice cream.
 My kids babysat Zach's kids so that we could go to the temple together.  
 They don't see us much, but became attached quickly.
 Cute boys!
And by boys...I mean ALL of them. :)
Thanks for a great date night Zach and Alana!


April said...

Family - the temple- and ice cream... sounds like an almost perfect day to me!!

The Kings said...

oh it must be good to have older kids so you can go and do things like that together - what awesome baby sitters they must be too! Glad you got to spend some time with your bro.

Jo Jo said...

What a great idea. Sigh. So much to do so little time. Yum on the ice cream. Missing my sitters yesterday!

LL said...

Perfect night! Zach has such cute little boys and his wife is adorable. It was fun to meet her.
And very fun to see YOU last week!!!

Alana said...

Good times. You caught some pretty good pictures on that little camera phone.Thanks again, its been over a year since I've actually gone with Zach.