Friday, July 15, 2011


Stevie and I had some alone time on the lake today.  It was PERFECT!  She has never been water skiing and it just so happens that I have a friend with connections.  We hooked up with her today.  She took a few tries before she got the hang of it, but was skiing 4 miles at a stretch by the end of the day.  She's a pro!
This was her first attempt on skis.  She actually got out of the water, but fell rather quickly.
This picture was taken at the end of the day...she never fell.
During the day we took a break and got to ride on the MV Mt. Sunapee II with Kara for an hour and a half...she's the captain of the boat.  She even let Stevie have a turn driving.  
 She was having a blast!
When she wasn't driving, she was sitting in my lap.
 Or snoozing.  Playing on the lake is HARD WORK!
 After the cruise, we waited for Captain Kara to take us back out on her boat.  This time Stevie got to tube.
 And then we skied some more.
I haven't been since I was 12yrs. old and it didn't end well so I was a little nervous getting back out there.
 It only took me a couple times to finally get the hang of it.
 Kind of like riding a bike, right? 
 This time around it was a happy ending...
 No traumatic falls.
I'm officially is Stevie.
And I'm becoming one with water.
(yes...I just said that, mom!)
It was a PERFECT day with my daughter!
(and my older two feel extremely cheated...guess we'll have to go again, and again and again...)


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What fun!! I imagine it's quite a rush. And hey Stevie, cute shirt! :)

The Kings said...

oh how fun!!! I've only been once when I lived in the USA and I wasn't great, but I think with time it has to get easier right!? :) Now stop with all the fun summer/water posts already! :) ;)

Michelle said...

what a small world, kera and I served in the same mission!

April said...

Oh HOW FUN!!! You are Stevie are two peas in a pod!!!

Jo Jo said...

She looks beautiful in her Captain's hat! Pays to be good at girls camp.

LL said...

You're a FISH!
looks FUN!!!

shirlgirl said...

Glad you both had so much fun. Now you are both pros!