Friday, June 24, 2011


 I took the girls over to a friends house for a little swim and barbecue to kick off summer.
 These (Mia Maids) are girls after my own heart. 
 In between the fun, Anna (above in blue shirt) pulled out her funky hair iron and curled our hair.
 I kinda love it, especially on Kayla.
I told her she's totally hired.


Smilin' sunshine said...

LOVE the hair! What kind of iron did she use to get it to look so good? Or is it just good hair?!

shirlgirl said...

When did you do that? There wasn't any sun on Friday unless you had it in NH. We haven't had any nice weather since last Tuesday. The rest of the week was a washout. Love the hairdos on you and Kayla. Fun times.

Jenny said...


LL said...

BRING IT!!! (summer that is)
I'm SOOOO happy--I feel giddy.
It's finally here, SCHOOL IS OUT!

amy stansel said...

loving the hair!! I want to know what kind of a curling iron does that?!??!?!

Jo Jo said...

Photo of the iron please! Love it on you!

Alana said...

Hey I want to know like Sunshine what kind of iron it was- twisting a small flat iron? Looks good though.

The Kings said...

Oh I thought I had commented on this already, but I must've looked at it on my phone. Your hair looks SOOOO pretty like this!!! You should get it done permanently :)