Friday, June 17, 2011


This is a friendship mask that Stevie made of her and her friend Lucia from school.  You'll notice that one eye is blue (Stevie's) and the other is brown. (Lucia's)  She had her face plastered and than painted it.  This is far better then anything I ever made in Middle School.  She's got artistic skills.  I love the detail in the hair.
 My favorite though?  The UGLY JUG.  All my kids have made them and they go on the "Shelf of Shame" (as Steve refers to it) because we LOVE displaying such hideous art work.  I love the bulging eye and the tongue licking the inside of its nose.
 Steve voted Stevie's the UGLIEST of the UGLY'S.
Well done Stevie!


shirlgirl said...

Where did she ever come up with that idea? Unbelievable!

Undaunted said...

LOL, Nik made one too, but Stevie is definitely more ugly. Great job! :)

Tara said...

The ugly jug is going to give me giggly nightmares! Love it!

Caroline said...

That is one ugly jug. But, it makes one smile!

I've been reading both your blogs for some time. I was hoping that you might share the blog/story of the extraordinary Celia Betz.

Celia has Batten disease. Her family is trying to raise awareness of this rare and fatal disease.

Please visit her site. I know you will be touched by her family. Her brother Tucker is amazing

Alana said...

Licking the inside of the nose, Good one Stevie. I like it.

Jo Jo said...

Okay I say she wins. You should post the other two just for comparison! Such a fun art tradition in your school.

LL said...

She is VERY talented. I'm impressed with the highlights in the mask hair. And the ugly jug...YIKES!