Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm not a fan of school field trips.  But if it means mingling with 100 6th graders just to be with HER?  Count me in.  
Lost River Gorge was beautiful and all, but SHE was where the fun was at.
See what I mean?
We headed into some CRAZY caves...some that don't deserve to be labled 'caves'...especially when you have to shimmy through on your belly just to fit through.
(please excuse the facial expression in this picture...I was about to be stepped upon)
We purposefully stayed behind so we could linger longer in the dark places.
She's definitely a girl after my own heart.
 If it's an adventure...count us in.
And if you make goofy faces while trying to take a picture with can bet you'll find it on the blog.
I love her. 


The Kings said...

ha ha!! GREAT fun. I'm cracking up at the pic of you about to be stepped on!

Jo Jo said...

I was hoping for a little field trip time next year but I'll have to wait a little longer. Great fun! She's a keeper

Jenny said...

Nice! We really liked that place... time to go back!

shirlgirl said...

The first time I went to Lost River was with my cousin, aunt and uncle. Got my foot caught in the Lemon Squeezer. Went again with Uncle David and Jamie in the early 1980's--they went through the caves, I went on the walkways! Fun times for sure. Glad you had such a great time together.

Michelle said...

I remember going there when we lived there. I remember sliding through on my belly. It was a beautiful place. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the memories that I once visited

Alana said...

Stevie is AlWAYS where the fun is at, just like her mom. Where do you think she gets it from?

LL said...

HOW have I missed all these posts? Good grief, I have fallen behind.
I was probably really busy lifting and supporting someone...that's how I am ;-)
You guys have such fun! I love it.