Thursday, August 19, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY 15 year old!
She was up and out the door at 5:40am for her field hockey beach workout and so when she arrived home I surprised her with donuts for breakfast.  Nothing like working out for a hard hour and having your mother tell you that you're hiking a mountain today.  Good times.  She's an animal.
This was our first time hiking Mt. Major.  I've hiked 6 mountains this summer and this one is my favorite so far.  It started off like a beautiful walk through the forest, made me think of Joseph Smith and the reverence that can be found in nature.
Things started going up hill quite fast and so we gave the birthday girl a quick break before conquering the rock climbing part.
This is real hiking to me.  The kind where you have to use your hands to get up the mountain.  The pictures don't do it justice, but this was looking straight up at Kaleb.  Getting down was the hard part.  We were half way there at this point.
The views were incredible the  closer we got to the summit.  I mentioned in my last post that we live in the Lakes Region, you can see why behind me.  That lake is Winnipesaukee.  
Here's another shot of Kaleb having to use his hands to get up and over this giant boulder.
Here is another lookout spot as you get closer to the top.  Kayla was less than energized at this point but I cheered her on.
Stevie (in yellow) and I climbing over another face.  It was so much fun.
At the top.  It took us about 45 minutes to reach the summit.
The whole gang.  What a gorgeous view from the top.
The kids looking out over the lake.
See what I mean?  Beautiful!
Carried little Benny with us to the top.  He'll be making lots of trips with us so keep your eyes out for him.


Gilbert Family said...

looks like a beautiful hike! We LOVED hiking Mt. Monadnock when we lived in's a FUN hike with an incredible view from the top. You should give it a go (if you haven't already) :) Definetly go for the "hard" side up the mountain, it makes it more exciting!

Wiggles said...

Missed you at the ocean but looks like you had a great day! Happy Birthday Kayla! Love the portable ellie.

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Wow, your kids are getting big! Stevie's going to pass you up soon too. Those are some beautiful views. :) Happy Birthday Kayla!

LL said...


The Kings said...

You have some amazing spots around your place! Love the photos and LOVE the last photo of Ben's elephant. Hope Kayla has a great birthday.

Rebecca said...

Hey Becky I have been reading your blog for a while now (am LIsa Kings sis in law!) love the place you live in. can't wait to go hiking here in tassie when its warmer!

shirlgirl said...

Great pictures! Uncle D and I tried Mt. Monadnock once years ago. Came to a huge boulder and that was the end of it. We weren't prepared, ie: water, snacks, and proper shoes. Oh well, that's life. Glad you had a nice time, and Happy 15th, Kayla. Goodness, has that time flown by!! Hope you had a great day.

April said...

HAPPY Hiking birthday! Love you!!

Erica said...

I LOVE Mt. Major! Scott took me there on our SECOND date! Can you imagine? I was a lovely, sweaty mess, but must've made a good impression! LOL! I'm so glad you had a fun time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kayla!!

Sarah said...


Michelle said...

oh so beautiful. I love the lakes region!

Anonymous said...

Magic views Becky.
I was exhausted just reading your blog.
Love Lorraine.

Jo Jo said...

I want to climb rocks!