Friday, August 20, 2010

BIRTHDAY (part 2)

I always get a kick out of my mom's gifts to the grandchildren.  She wastes not.  It's a good quality to have, especially in today's 'throw-a-way' world.  We opened up presents after her dad arrived home.
  This was the bag from Mimi.
Inside the bag was a NEW lunchbox in her favorite color.  She was VERY excited. 
 (especially since she's had her old one for five years, it was time for retirement)
And inside the lunch box was a new white dress shirt (not shown) and THESE.  A pair of random underwear.  Here she is trying to process the fact that her grandmother just gave her a pair of underwear.  
AND....there it is.
Underwear is always good for a giggle at your birthday party.
Later that night we had her cake.  She requests the SAME cake every year.  Ice cream cake.  Her favorite is mint cookies crushed with mint chocolate cookie ice cream.  This year she added a spin and wanted black rasberry truffle as well. 
 (interesting combination)
The traditional 'Hutchins' Bite'.
Even though I was skeptical about meshing the two random flavors, I thought it came out really yummy.
She wasn't feeling well that night so she only asked for a small piece. (very unusual for Kayla)
I'm guessing it's because her mother took her hiking after her morning beach workout.  I'm just sayin'.
I had left the room for a moment only to come back and find her like this.  She couldn't even finish the small piece that I gave her.  Guess we won't be combining any more hikes with pre-season workouts.

Poor girl.


Sarah said...

Love that girl!

Jo Jo said...

The underwear tradition continues! At least it's not homemade. Happy
Birthday Kayla!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday KAYLA!!!
(Now get some rest~)

April said...

AH!!! I love it! Hope she got some rest so she could enjoy the rest of that yummy cake!!!

Sarah said...


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Aww, look at the sleepy birthday girl! What an exciting, tiring day. I love seeing Benny on her shoulder. And seriously - half a bra/panty set? LMAO Grandma's are always good for a chuckle, aren't they. :)

LL said...

FUNNY! the underwear. NICE!
Hooray for the lunch box, I know you were looking for the perfect one. Happy Birthday Kayla.

shirlgirl said...

Always fun to get surprise packages. The cake looks wonderful, and Kayla does look like she put in one heck of a day for her birthday. Sleep is the best medicine. Happy Birthday, Kayla, and I see little Benny on your shoulder. He's right there with you enjoying every minute.