Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love playing ball.
I'll play with most anyone just to lace up my sneakers.
Most of the time it ends up being with the men.
Love them....but don't love the sweat or the stink.
(and they have a LOT of both)
We played for two and half hours last night.
And it was GOOD!


Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

I agree about the stink! LOL My boy is now adding to that "man" smell. ;)

The Kings said...

I love basketball too, but haven't played for ages. glad you are out doing what you love :)

Alana said...

I'm jealous you can hang with the men. I can barely hang with the ladies.

ellen said...

What kind of gym has burlap walls?!?

Becky said...

EP....LAUGHING! Burlap walls ROCK! 'Specially when you rub elbows with it. :)

Jo Jo said...

Liking the smells of Maine better.

Jenny said...

you're BRAVE.
Church ball is DANGEROUS!

LL said...

does your sweat not stink? ;-)
You are a good sport, playing with boys....yuck!

April said...

playing ball in the church-- the first and only place where someone spit on me- on purpose ;) Gotta love it! Way to hang with the men!