Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ROAD TRIP (day two)

Today we drove through IN, IL, MO, IA, and finally NE.
It's been a LONG, HOT day.
The temps were in the 90's...a little hot with no a/c.
We got to eat at a big game steakhouse tonight.
It was a fun ending to day two.
2,000 miles down, 650 left.
Gearing up for one more day...


April said...

Ah, the adventure heats up! One more day! You can do it!!

Rachael said...

You are a GOOD woman!! Only you could make a 3 day cross-country trip look FUN!!

LL said...

these pictures are so FUN!!!
Your co-pilot is sleeping on the job. She's fired!
Why did you fail to mention the cow "STANK"?!?
roll on.

The Kings said...

oh you are looking really tired Becky! Hang in there - the worst is over now and then the fun can start! :)

Jenny said...

You're almost there!!
You make hot and STANKy look like a party~
drive SAFE!

Jo Jo said...

Jarrod's glad you took his recommendation. He was sad they changed the outside of Ole's. Where's the picture of the elephant? I promise I've tried to call you back!

Cathy said...

I'm feeling a little homesick. You are in my old homeland. Be safe. Once you cross Nebraska the worst is over.
Be sure and stop for ice cream, in Little America. It's a must.

shirlgirl said...

You look so tired. You've certainly covered a lot of territory. Love all of the pictures. Continue safely on your journey today. Hope the steakhouse food was good. Makes my mouth water. Love and prayers and a safe journey to your last stop. Love the picture of Stevie gassing up the car--she is surely one sweet girl. Sorry I missed seeing her on Saturday--busy with the cousins. Lots of love.