Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm in Virginia.
With my best childhood friend.
It's been a trip two years in the making.
Ben's hospital stays have made getting this trip to happen hard.
But you know what?
It was TOTALLY worth it.
Kelley has completely spoiled me.
We've seen the Broadway show "WICKED".
We had wicked awesome seats too.
She treated me to a FEAST at "The Hard Shell" restaurant,
a deluxe pedicare.
My toes?  They're cute.
And another night out at "The Cheesecake Factory".
We even had time for a fun game of basketball PIG.
Played on a kids indoor hoop with a mini ball.
Good times.
It was a close, heated game.
We're competitive that way.
(always have been)
I'm scheduled to leave tomorrow.
It's been a FUN getaway.


Jo Jo said...

Fun! Tell Kelly how beautiful she is. Looks the same but better! Wanted to see pics of her cute boys. Thank her for giving you a vacation. Who one? PIG as in everything you ate?

April said...

OHHH I'm so happy you're having a great time! Good friends are treasures indeed!
(ps.CUTE tootsies)

Junior said...

so happy to hear you are having such a good time. Big hugs

Jenny said...

Kelly's cute!
Looks like you two never left HS.
Come home safe!

The Mormon Monk said...

I miss you Kelley!

Amy M. said...

I'm so glad that you were able to go see Kelley. She looks great- tell Hi for me some time! You two were like PB& J in Basketball- always worked well together. Glad to see that you are both still in touch.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How awesome that you were able to get away and just relax and have fun. Your toes look so cute!

The VW's said...

I'm so happy that you were able to get away to be spoiled and have fun with a great friend!

Those pictures of you playing basketball are hilarious! You are such a silly girl! :)

Hope you have a safe trip home! I bet Ben can't wait to see his pretty Momma! Hugs!!!

Kelley Schmidt said...

These two "hot mama's" sure do know how to have a good time! So glad that you could come for a what I was hoping was a relaxing visit and fun conversation! I miss you already and can't wait for our next adventure. It's my turn to come up North and see the NH sites and give those beautiful kids loads of hugs. Of course, Kayla and Stevie may want pedi's since their mom's toes are rockin' cute!
Love you! Thanks for showing how to communicate with you on your blogs too!

Kelley Schmidt said...

Oh, and by the way...Becky won in P.I.G.
Did you really need to ask? I think it was even more competitve because Mackenzie beat us in 3 board games before Bec and I tied for 1st place in the 4th game. So, she won one far and square!

shirlgirl said...

Glad you had a chance to get away and regroup with a special friend. Glad you had such a nice time.

nanci said...

Oh, so much fun! Your toes are beautiful.