Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday update

Guest Post
*by Jenny*
I visited Becky's hospital room this afternoon.
(I know, NO VISITORS. This rule remains in effect~I'm a rebel rule-breaker, and I also brainwashed Becky to allow me to come, and bribed her with magic. This will not work generally, and I promise you, if you are not Steve or Ben, she is still not up to being seen or making conversation)
Her husband snuck over after sacrament meeting, and brought Ben with him. Ben said he didn't feel like staying for Sunday School if his mom wasn't there to rub his feet. He's insistent like that. But she did gaze at him lovingly from her bed. He brings happiness wherever he goes; it's his talent. And she fed off that. Which was good. Because she's not feeding off much else of substance. There's this yellow-colored vitamin water bag that's dripping into her tubing. Ben was healthier than vitamin water. It was sweet.
Steve brought his sunshine and good humor. Becky's chest and lung are giving her constant pain, so it hurt to laugh. But I know her soul was happy that he was there. (I did most of the laughing) She's due for more chest x-rays tomorrow. I'm praying that she'll be able to sleep for more than 15 minute stretches without needing to press her pain medication button tonight. On the up-side, she is not feeling nauseated. For now. And that's a HUGE blessing. She asked me to update--clearly she misses her blogging friends. Thanks for your love and support.


Adam and Anya said...

Oh Becky! I'll be praying that you'll have increased health and strength. Much love to you! Are you able to eat anything? I will be waiting to see how things are progressing.

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

thanks for keeping us updated.....i think sisters are exceptions to any rules....without needing to claim rebel status!! What would pregnant sickos do without family and sisters to love them and take care of them??? We hope she is feeling better....soon....we are missing her in the blogging world, but we love the guest posts every so often, in the mean time.....send our love to Becky :).

Amy M. said...

HI Becky- Congratulations on being prego! But, sorry to hear that you are having a hard time- or more than a hard time with the additional lung factor. We will keep you and your family in our prayers. I hope you will be feeling better soon.

Thanks Jenny for the up-date on Becky.

ChefTom said...

prayers continue from the west.

LL said...

Jenny YOU are a rebel...and I'm sure Becky appreciates it!
Glad Ben was willing to skip Sunday school to spend time with his mom...that boy loves his mom!
We all love you Becky!
(jenny. thanks for the updates)

April said...

I agree, Ben is the best medicine ever! You are in our prayers and we hope today is a good day! LOVE YOU!

The Snell Family said...

Send our love and congrats to Becky please. We will pray for you both!!!

Julianna and Arianna

Erica said...

Thank-you, Jenny for all the updates on Becky. I appreciate it :)

Tell her The Presby's send their love and prayers!


Papa Don said...

It would be really great if all of the Orton family could be together at home at the same time. Apparently, one hospital or another has a room reserved for them at all times, sad to say. Hang in there, Becky. Thanks to the sisters for keeping us updated. We'll keep you all in our prayers.

Don & Joanne McNulty