Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Did I tell you my bathroom is FINISHED?
(well, almost)
It still needs a few things done
and a good cleaning.
As a husband painted our room.
It's a lighter shade of green.
He painted the ceiling the same color.
I like it better than white.
It came out really nice.
He changed all the brass fixtures to silver.
Ben loves it too.
(thank you Steve)

(I'll post pictures of the bathroom
when it is completely done.)


Jenny said...

Nice! I'm confused about the lighting fixture on a white ceiling, though. It's so crisp and clean! Well done and well deserved. Love that shade of green.

Becky said...

the ceiling isn't white Jen...the camera lighting made it look white - it's actually green. look at the first picture and you can see the green ceiling.

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

The room look great! It is always so nice to have a clean, new space for ourselves. :)

Browning Buzz said...

I love that color of green -- it's the same color as my baby's nursery. Your room looks nice!

April said...

HOORAY! It looks beautiful! I love it!

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

I love it, Becky. I honestly can't say that i have ever thought to paint the ceiling any other color than white.....i just thought that was against rule or something....but, i really like it.....hmmmm, maybe we have some painting to do around our house!!!

Joy said...

Love the green!!!

LL said...

Love the color, love the thoughtful husband, love the SILVER. FUN for you to have a fresh new room!!!
now let's see the bathroom...

Alana said...

What a nice calming shade of green. How nice to have a spruce up

The Smith Family said...

Beautiful color. Good taste in lights (we have the same ones) =) Good by sassy brassy!

The Smith Family said...

That would be Good byE! =l oops

shirlgirl said...

Congratulations for getting the job done--looks very nice. You did a great job, Steve. The color is nice, too, and I like all of the fixtures.

smart mama said...

ohh love fresh room redux