Friday, July 25, 2008

REUNITED! (It was YOUR idea, Becky!)

Having a mini family reunion for a day was FUN! So thanks, Becky--YOU wanted it--we missed you! Hugging YOU would have been more fun than hugging a cardboard insert slot, but we WERE thinking of you all day!

You went SWIMMING! You're back in it, baby!

There was food EVERYWHERE!

Eating good food without you was MEAN! But your kind brother-in-law Roger made sure that you got some nourishment... (and some good bean stains) BY THE WAY--he also gave you that beautiful face that you see adding character to that plain cardboard slot.

All the kids let YOU go first!
You did GREAT hitting the pinata! You even helped flip the burgers! ...Just CAN't have a reunion without YOU! (Let it be known that there were others missing who were missed--thank goodness they don't each have individual blog sites and aren't in the hospital, or I'd feel obligated to stick pictures of their cardboard cutouts on, too!)
We love YOU!!


smart mama said...

that is hilarious!! YOu can tell she was missed- glad to see she still got fed!

Wiggles said...

Jenny, what a great sister you are to fill in for Becky while she is out of commission: your a natural. You are doing a great job. She is greatly missed both on her blog and in person. It was great to see her smiling face if only on the cardboard cutout. THANKS!!!

Becky, so are so blessed with a wonderful, creative family. We miss you and are always ready to do what we can to help out. The kids look like they are having a great time. Love you!

LL said...

THAT was the best. What funny ideas you guys have...
BECKY hurry home.please don't make youur family carry around that bean stained cut out much longer. It does nothing for your tan. ;)
Thinking of you!

Cindi said...

We are ALL missing Becky1 We are just not all as clever as you guys! Keeping her and you all in our prayers.

Jeannette said...

If this doesnt make me miss everyone I dont know what will! You are awesome Jenny, its good to know you'll be there when us bloggers are out of commission, Im counting on you! (You should totally just get one of your own, do it, do it!) I love you Becky, I am praying for you:)

Ben Hutchins said...

That was superb! I loved it. Where's my cutout (just kidding jenny)? I had no clue that this family reunion even happened. I guess that's what happens when you take off to Europe for a couple of weeks!