Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hurry Home!

Allow me to guest blog... ME, the sister who has NEVER in her life done this before! I miss YOU, Becky!

Your darling kids are keeping us happy with their silly antics and crazy personalities--allow me to share some with you:

And now if you can decipher the twisted bodies below,

the kids have made you a message using


So Becky is up at Dartmouth... lots of details and I'm sure I won't be able to get them all on this post, but all of you friends of Becky's, know that she's NOT doing so well, but we're hopeful that we will get her back by maybe late in the weekend or early next week. She's had all kinds of things going on, which I'm sure she will document for you very well when she's back at the keyboard. It started with a fever late last week, and she ended up in the ER in Laconia, which turned into being admitted, and then a couple of units of blood through a transfusion and then a transfer to Dartmouth--I could go on, but won't for now. Ben's hanging in there and Becky Billin (BLESS HER!) is the main mom. Steve's at work and The other three Orton-lets are trading spaces with cousins and grandparents in Massachusetts for now. Thank goodness for SUMMER!


aaron said...

very cute jenny. nice job.

LL said...

hooray Jenny. you did it and it was MARVELOUS darling! :)
I was so happy to see an update on the Orton blog. PLEASE continue to keep us posted and we'll continue to pray for Becky and family.
What a blessing it is that she has such great friends and family near to help with the "Orton-lets".
Gum and Sudoku in the mail...

The Mormon Monk said...

We want Jenny! We want Jenny! We want jenny! (On her own blog). Love you sis.

Anonymous said...

Becky, I don't know when you will feel well enough to look at this.
But great job by help to cheer you. We wish we could all do more. We know that phone calls are not your favorite.
Everyone in family is praying for you. We want you here...and feeling like your old self.
You are greatly missed.
Tomorrow is the reunion which would not be happening but for your great desire to gather all together.
We love you
mom and dad

xxxxxxxxxxx said...

Feel Better soon Becky. We are sending prayers from AZ.

Adam and Anya said...

This is one AMAZING family!!!!

smart mama said...

Still thinkign of oyu veryday- keeping you in my paryers- I am just so sorry- we'll have to get some more bFF (blogging friend forever) surprises headed your direction