Saturday, December 22, 2007


Becky, Steve and Ben

Happy Holidays to my family all over the United States! As a Christmas Present to my sister Amy, I am starting a blog so that she and others can see and hear how we are doing. Right now I am in the hospital with Ben and don't have access to all my pictures and videos, but once I am home I will be able to share more with you.

Many of you remember the daily blog that Aaron kept and how much we all enjoyed it. The nice thing about this site is that it is SO easy to use. Even the grandkids can create their own page. On behalf of the family members who are far away I would like to invite all of my parents and siblings along with neices and nephews if they want, to create a page and start communicating more. Here's to a new and wonderful year!!! Happy blogging my family.


technogranny said...

Please don't ever take us off your mailing list. Our whole family love Ben.
I forward your messages to Darleen, Dawn Cindi & Cali, Our extended family keep your family in our prayers daily.
The McRaes love the Ortons and of the course the Hutchins.
Forever friends,
The McRae Family,
Gary, Carole etc.

Blythe said...

Hey Becky! I love the book being passed back and forth - what a riot! However, has anyone ever seriously tried to read it? It could be that each time you get it back that it is an opportunity for some enlightenment...?! Just a thought...(or maybe not!) -love, blythe

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that you and Ben were able to be at home with the rest of the Orton Family for Christmas.

Love You Guys!
The McCarn Family

See you soon!

LB and family said...

Merry Christmas, Becky and family!!! Great idea to blog... We may join you, I will talk to the clan... Much Love, Laura and family