Thursday, December 27, 2007


Max with his best friend Tiger Sue

It's funny how different people love different breeds of dogs. For us, its PUGS. Who can resist their wrinkly, smushed little faces? The first pug we adopted was from the local humane society. His name is Tiger Sue. We have had him now for about 18 months. We decided that we loved the breed so much that we would look for another one. This time we wanted to start with a puppy so we did extensive research on the internet and found that they aren't cheap. After much looking around we saw that one particular breeder in NH was giving a "special needs" pug away at a significantly reduced price. He had some problems with his eyes. We snatched him right up. Tiger Sue officially belongs to Kayla and Max officially belongs to Kaleb. Stevie is wondering when her pug is coming. The funny thing about our dogs is that they love to have human contact and will get it in anyway they can. My favorite is when I have Ben in his beanbag and they hop right up and snuggle with him. Ben doesn't seem to mind. Occassionally I will have to remove Max from off of his head. For whatever reason, Max seems to think that Ben's head is a really neat place to lay. Aside from a few annoying things our pugs are great family pets. They hardly make a peep, are never seen apart from one another, love to snuggle and be carried around like little babies and love all of us unconditionally. What more could we ask for?

Ben and his buddies

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Amy said...

I love looking at the pictures! hope you are doing well