Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Today I allowed Stevie to join me in my travels up to Dartmouth.  I was heading up to spend the morning with our 'soon to be' newest addition.  Poor boy had surgery yesterday and a fever today.  We got to spend about 4 hours with him holding his hand, rubbing his head, kissing his cheeks and massaging his feet.  He responded by giggling, smiling and blinking his most beautiful eyes.  This has been a hard waiting process.  It took everything in me not to scoop him up and take him home.  
(Stevie holding his hand)
 It touched my very soul as I watched Stevie care for and nurture him.  She was very attentive to his needs and had no fear.  I loved watching her kiss his forehead when she thought no one was looking.  I often was in and out of the room because of busy Brady...and one of the times I walked back in, she had climbed in bed with him.  Just like she used to do with Ben.  It made me smile.
(Me holding his cute feet)
After our visit we enjoyed lunch out on the grass.  It was 80 degrees today, BEAUTIFUL!  Stevie can never resist fun pictures.  This is what she likes to call "Dead in the Ditch".
I'm a fan of climbing BIG rocks...and then jumping off of them.
 We did a lot of reminiscing.  The last time we did this was when Ben was in-patient.  We still miss that boy like crazy.  
But feel so blessed to have such sweet memories to look back on.


shirlgirl said...

Be careful jumping off big rocks--you wouldn't want to break your ankle/foot, etc. Glad you had a nice day. It was beautiful out for sure.

LL said...

Stevie has a heart like yours!

Alana said...

I've had a hard time explaining how big boulders are to my boys this week. Maybe I should show them your fun pictures. The wait will be over before you know it I'm sure.