Monday, March 19, 2012


Today is BEAUTIFUL!  The rest of this week will be just as lovely.  Even though Brady has been really sick these last couple of days, I couldn't resist getting him out in the jogger for some fresh air.  I love spring.  I love getting outside and feeling the warmth on my face and smelling the newness of the air.  It makes me want to celebrate.  So I the form of ice cream.  And not just once, but THREE times today.
I'm ready for summer.  I'm ready for Brady to feel better.  I'm ready for his adoption to FINALLY be finalized.  I'm ready to start showing his face to the world again.  I'm ready for spring sports.  I'm ready for FUN!


shirlgirl said...

Hope he feels better soon. And ice cream three times today--Wow!

Jenny said...

Kimball's opens TOMORROW.
Oh yeah.

April said...

Thanks for sharing your sunshine with me today! Love you!!! (Love that hat;)

Jo Jo said...

Liking all that blue!