Friday, March 11, 2011


I just might have jinxed my daughter's JRA remission by posting about it yesterday.  Last night during her AAU basketball practice she told me that her left knee is stiff and swollen, a sure sign that she's having a flare up.  So much for remission...back to her doctor we go.  I love her attitude though...she just rolls with it.
Homework time is my favorite time of night with Kayla.  She's always in such a good mood and likes to talk, so much so that I have to continually focus her back on task.  FOCUS KAYLA!
 As you can see...she is very focused!


April said...

Love that girl-- so sorry about the knee... :(

LL said...

poor thing!
I'm glad to hear she has a good attitude, that last picture is lovely.

Alana said...

Of course she loves to talk- it means she's NOT DOING HOMEWORK! good times, must be fun to have a teenage daughter.

Jo Jo said...

I'm needing an Orton fix!

Jenny said...


Maria said...

I am so sorry she has to deal with this. I am glad that she like to have fun! She is such a sweet girl, and loved very much!