Monday, March 21, 2011


These two lit up the dance floor with their 'swing' style of dance.  I love that my kids know how to have fun together.  Kaleb had no shortage of dancing partners either as he tallied about 19 different dances with 19 different girls.  That boy knows how to 'smooze' the ladies. :)
(sorry for the blurry, less than ideal cell phone pictures)


Jo Jo said...

Funny! Hunter just went to his FIRST dance and almost 16! Where are those girl cousins to help him?

LL said...

I wonder if my boys had an older sister if then they would be willing to go to these dances.
Looks like they're having a good time!
Must have a VERY cool YW president.

Cindi said...

How fun!!! And how great that you are able to go with them!!! I was in YW when my girls were, and it was so, so fun!!! They didn't care a bit...except the boys were a bit hestitant to ask them to dance if Papa came along!!! hahaha! Have Steve come in uniform!!!! ;-)

shirlgirl said...

Looks like they are having a swinging good time! I'll bet the girls stand in line waiting for Kaleb to dance. Good for him--Mr. Personality. Glad they had so much fun.

April said...

I LOVE it! I always wished I had a brother that could be my dancing partner (mine were a little bit too young) How FUN that they have each other!!