Saturday, October 13, 2012


For my last year in my 30's I wanted to celebrate by doing something crazy.  About a month ago my friend Elizabeth posted a link to the "Mad Dog Fitness Challenge".  She was looking for someone to do it with her. I was sitting in the hospital with Jo and impulsively told her I'd do it.  I figured I would have a month to train. anticipated week long hospital stay turned into the whole month.  I didn't do much training.  This race was only a 5k so how bad could it be?  My first clue should have been "Gunstock Mountain".  It's a ski resort and the uphill part of the course led us up two black diamond runs.  Needless to say, it was STRAIGHT.UP.HILL.  And just when you thought you were at the top, it would bend and continue up.  It was a lung burner with lots of obstacles in between.  The only reprieve were the two down hill runs.  Elizabeth and I had a blast running together.  We didn't care about our time, we just wanted to finish.  
Was it fun?  Definitely.  Would I do it again.  Yes.  

Because the race was on my actual birthday, I decided to celebrate with some added accessories.
(Next time I'll skip the boa, nothing like sucking in a mouth full of feathers while out of breath.)

Stevie was the photographer for the day.  It was FREEZING outside but she willingly came and ran all over getting some fun shots of us. 
Happy birthday to ME!


Jo Jo said...

Yeah! I'd so do that with you! The less training the better ;-)

shirlgirl said...

Congratulations on your run. Glad you had fun.