Sunday, September 30, 2012


Every year the Make-A-Wish treats all of the NH wish families to a cruise around Lake Sunapee.  Today was that day.  
 It was a much needed respite for my family because we have been separated for a month now due to Jo's surgery/hospital stay.
 We had a lot of fun being together and visiting with other people that we know through Make-A-Wish.
 They served us a buffet dinner and then we played a few rounds of "Would you Rather".
 There was a DJ playing some fun music and so the girls and I did some serious dancing.  Kaleb wasn't too pleased. 
 We all took turns keeping a busy 1 year old occupied.
 And I did lots of smooching...I've missed my kids.
 We did lots of laughing...

 Eventually Brady got tired and fell asleep.
 We all were fighting to hold him because it's pretty much the only time he'll let us snuggle him.
 I love these guys.
 Even when they pick each others nose.

 And I LOVE this guy, he always makes me laugh.
 And his apples don't fall far from his tree. :)

Thank you Make-A-Wish.  We are always so grateful for all that you continue to do for our family!


The Mormon Monk said...

Ok--that penultimate one of Stevie and Steve had me laughing!

shirlgirl said...

So glad you had such an awesome time, even though the weather wasn't very cooperative. Just being together had to be wonderful medicine for all of you. Love the pictures of you laughing. You were so hysterical in those pictures that it must have been something hilarious. Hope you and Jo get home soon. You need to be there for your children.

mali said...

Call anytime you want to chat!
I would love to catch up.
Sorry Jo's on the hospital. :( I hope he's well soon.
Malinda 727-517-6044 cell

Jo Jo said...

What's that big P word Zach used mean? Whatever. It looks fun! Miss you guys and laughing!