Monday, August 20, 2012


Tina came to visit us in NH and she LOVES going to the beach.   We tried going to our local beach one day but by the time we arrived it started pouring.  So...the next good day I decided that she would really enjoy some boating on Lake Sunapee. 
 (it's way better than sitting on the sand)
 Of course I took advantage of the opportunity and went skiing.
It's only the second time on my new ski...

 Tina got to experience the little boat and the BIG boat.
 After Brady got a turn at the wheel...
 Captain Kara was brave enough to let Tina have a turn.  Everything was great...except for when she almost ran over a canoe-r.  He paddled for his life.
There is NO such thing as a bad day on Lake Sunapee...
two thumbs up from Tina.


LL said...

Tina looks fabulous! I love that girl.

shirlgirl said...

Sounds like Tina drives a boat like she drives a car!! I'm sure she had fun visiting family.

Jo Jo said...

That last picture is classic!

mali said...

I can't wait to see sealing day pics:)
I don't even know Kara, but love that lady.
She always has the sweetest smile holding Brody.
I need a Kara here in Florida.
What a great friend:)

Jenny said...

Ditto what mali said... but I DO know Kara! :)

And I miss Tina already.