Monday, July 30, 2012


Kaleb returned home from his high adventure trip on Saturday evening.  They canoed for 65 miles and along the way he got into some poison ivy.  Kaleb itched and itched and itched all the point of creating an open wound on the top of his foot.  By Sunday morning it swelled and became red and hot.  We took him in that night and the ER gave him IV antibiotics along with oral antibiotics and steroids.
Today I returned with him for his second round of IV antibiotics.
 His feet look remarkably better.
 I brought along some entertainment with us.  
(it can be really boring sitting and waiting in the ER)
 We have to return again for a third dose of IV antibiotics and then I think we can call it good.


shirlgirl said...

Oh, that is an ugly looking sore. Sorry he has had to undergo the IV antibiotics but thank heavens we have those to heal a nasty infection. Hope he's better soon.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Man, it is a good thing those High Adventure trips are fun!!

The Kings said...

ouch!!! Poor thing. Hope it's continuing to get better. Brady is soooo cute! :)