Friday, August 12, 2011


 The girls were gone this past week and so it gave me the opportunity to spend some one on one with Kaleb.  We went SKIING!  It was his first time and after many tries, he DID IT!  It was so great seeing the look of JOY when he got up and STAYED up!
He was SO excited that he was waving at the camera.  LOVE IT!
 He was up for awhile before drifting outside the wake...
 And down he went.
 The wipe outs are my favorite to funny.
He was fine, I promise!
Kaleb's VICTORY pose!
(showing us how it's done...)
 Kara took him for a WILD SPIN after he was done skiing.  She told him there are "Handles" on the boat for a reason.  Kaleb felt he was 'too cool' to hold on....
 ...until he almost fell out of the boat.
 That got his heart pumping and he changed his mind about the handles.
 And then held on to anything he could at that point.
 It was FUNNY!
But he learned his lesson!!!
 And he walked away one happy boy!
Thanks again and again Kara for sharing your lake with us!


The Kings said...

Oh you both look like you had the best day. Bring on summer! :)

shirlgirl said...

Way to go, Kaleb. Glad you both had so much fun.

Simone Triffitt said...

Ha ha, one of those pics of Kaleb in the boat, looks like he is about to do a chunder over the side. :)

Jenny said...

She's a generous friend.
Lucky you!

April said...

Oh how fun! Kaleb looks like he's in heaven!!!