Tuesday, December 7, 2010


(Chronicled by Dad)
While I was busy helping to coach Kaleb's team at practice, Steve picked Kayla up from home and drove her to her first High School basketball game.  She's a JV starter as a freshman.  Here she is on the way to her game in Dad's 1990 Chevy truck.  Rock on! 
(can you tell how excited he was to capture this FIRST with his daughter?  Pretty dang cute.)
(And he makes fun of ME for capturing everyday moments.)  
He got a picture of her walking into the High School.
And then one of her walking into the gym.
(I love it, but it makes me laugh...I told him he's hired for future blog posts)
 Bubby and I showed up after his practice just in time for her game to start.  
 She forgot to put her knee pads on the first time around, so I made her go back again to put them on.
(the floor can be hard on girls with arthritis)
 And can you tell how much she LOVED getting her picture taken?  
Seriously dad, she's trying to focus on her game.  (sheesh)
And the game begins.
Gilford won by 20+ points.


April said...

GO Kayla!!! Congrats on the win and for putting up with your parents :)

The Kings said...

I LOVE that Steve was so obliging with the camera and capturing the moment(s!).

LL said...

I thought of you guys as I sat at McKays practice the other night.
Fun stuff.

Alana said...

Umm . . . who cares whether Gilford won? How did Kayla play?


Jo Jo said...

Love those daddy daughter moments. Still can't see those knee pads!

shirlgirl said...


Alana said...

like mother like daughter, basketball wiz

Alison said...

23! Rock on!